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Peace of Mind —Included in Every Authentication.

Nothing’s more important that your 100 percent confidence in your user’s identity. Zalter takes a modern approach to authentication and enables organisations to provide secure access to any application, for any user.

The all-in-one solution

Zalter’s Unified Security Platform

Strengthen your organization’s security while making it faster and easier for users to access digital systems and resources from anywhere.
Email Magic Link

Simple and secure sign in links sent via email

Email One-Time-Passcode

Sign in users with a one-time passcode sent via email

SMS One-Time-Passcode

Sign in users with a one-time passcode sent via SMS

Multi-Factor Authentication

Add extra factors such as Google Authenticator

Future-proof security

User Authentication & MFA Solutions

Enable your team to deliver the highest possible protection, without having to become experts in web authentication or keep pace with ongoing security best practices.

Based on the most secure battle-tested public-key infrastructure

Using powerful cryptography eliptic curves for encryption

Brand your auth emails with your company design system using custom email templates

Modern SDKs for Node.js and browsers, more frameworks will be supported soon

1import { Auth } from '@zalter/identity-js';
3// Initialize Zalter Auth client
4const auth = new Auth({
5  projectId: process.env.ZALTER_PROJECT_ID
8// Begin user authentication
9await auth.signInWithCode('start', { email });
11// Finalize using passcode from email
12await auth.signInWithCode('finalize', { code });
14// Get authenticated user
15const user = await auth.getCurrentUser();
Passwordless experience

Authentication with zero passwords

Zalter does not use or store passwords — anywhere. Instead, users achieve authentication with one-time passcodes or magic links plus a private key. Without passwords, threat actors have no credentials to target. You lower costs, reduce complexity and improve your security posture — all while delivering a better experience for customers.

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