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Why Choose Zalter

Authentication technology has not been updated in the last decade meanwhile cyber attackers have.
How do we solve the current market problems

Our Unique Approach Involves Three Core Values

Security Comes First

We’ve been able to make good user experience possible by getting security right from the start; for us, security is not an afterthought.

Innovation Never Stops

We did not lift-and-shift our earlier products; we built a revolutionary series of new protocols.

We Are Developer-Friendly

A comprehensive set of APIs and SDKs empower your developers to quickly build identity security into your sites and apps.

Companies using similar technology

We Use Signed End-to-End Encryption (E2EE).

End-to-end encryption serves to decrypt data or messages on one device, send them to a recipient, and decrypt them on the receiving end. While in transit, the message cannot be read by anyone. During the authentication an active man-in-the-middle resilient end to end encryption channel is created to exchange the public signature keys. All important information transfer is also made over end to end encryption channels.

No Sensitive Data Is Sent Over the Wire Unencrypted.

This is a very advanced feature, unlike other identity providers, Zalter Identity technology does not send any sensitive bits of information over the wire unencrypted, protecting your users even in the case of a compromised network.

Satisfied customers mean better business and customer loyalty.

Powered by the latest technology, our solutions allow for seamless authentication experiences which in turn increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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