Zalter Identity

Onboard, authenticate, and engage your users with Zalter’s APIs. Improve security and user experience with flexible, passwordless authentication solutions.
Future-proof security

Secure authentication, managed

Enable your team to deliver the highest possible protection, without having to become experts in web authentication or keep pace with ongoing security best practices.

End-to-end encryption.  During the authentication, a new end to end encryption system protocol ensures no active or passive MITM attack is effective.

No cookies used.  Our authentication system does not use cookies to function, so even if the user browser doesn't accept cookies, the authentication will still work.

Private credentials.  The private key never leaves the browser and can never be stolen by MITM attacks. After the authentication signatures guarantee the user claims.

Reduce Account Takeover Fraud by Up to 99%. Go Passwordless.


of hacking related breaches used either weak or stolen passwords

— Verizon Data Breach Report 2017

12.6 mins/week

average time spent entering or resetting passwords per week per employee

— Ponemon Report 2019


support cost is password resets

— Gartner research

Easy Integration

Identity client libraries provide a simple API interface to build custom login experiences for your app in a few lines of code.
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Email magic links

Simple and secure sign up and log in links sent via email.

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Email one-time-code

Log in users with a one-time passcode sent over email.

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SMS one-time-code

Log in users with a one-time passcode sent over SMS.

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