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Zalter Identity

Real Security— Revolutionary and Innovative Protocol.

Zalter Identity offers a brand new series of authentication protocols and identity checking technology meant to protect even against active MITM.
User Authentication & MFA Services

Prevent Account Takeover Fraud

Email Magic Link

Simple and secure sign in links sent via email

Email One-Time-Passcode

Sign in users with a one-time passcode sent via email

SMS One-Time-Passcode

Sign in users with a one-time passcode sent via SMS

Multi-Factor Authentication

Add extra factors such as Google Authenticator

Future-proof security

Advanced Security: Checked

Easily deploy Man-in-the-Middle attack resistant auth system & Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Stop all attacks, including ransomware, push attacks and account takeover with passwordless authentication secured by public-key cryptography and full-request signatures.

End-to-end encryption.  During the authentication, a new end to end encryption system protocol ensures no active or passive MITM attack is effective

No cookies used.  We not use cookies to function, so even if the user browser doesn't accept cookies, the authentication will still work

Private credentials.  The private key never leaves the browser and can never be stolen by MITM attacks. After the authentication, signatures guarantee the user claims

1async function signRequest(requestInit) {
2  const { method, headers, body } = requestInit;
4  // Load current user and get their public key ID
5  const user = await auth.getCurrentUser();
6  const keyId = user.subSigKeyId;
8  const data = Buffer.from(body || Buffer.alloc(0));
10  // Create the signature by signing the message
11  let sig = await user.signMessage(data);
13  // Encode the signature to Base64
14  sig = Buffer.from(sig).toString('base64');
16  return {
17    method,
18    headers: {
19      ...headers,
20      // Add the signature header
21      'x-signature': `${keyId};${sig}`
22    },
23    body
24  };

Easy Integration

Identity client libraries provide a simple API interface to build custom sign in experiences for your app in a few lines of code.
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Security That doesn't get in the way

Balancing Security and Usability

Zalter Identity focuses on security, and both developer and user experience. Usually, one has to make compromises on security to achieve a good experience, but here's not the case. Deliver an optimized and easy authentication process to ensure your organization can acquire customers quickly and securely.

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