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Frequently asked questions

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How does Zalter Identity Work?

Zalter Identity relies on cryptographic principles like Public-Key Cryptography to create digital signatures that have to be checked. The Public-Key is securely sent to Zalter and delivered to the Service Provider (your server) meanwhile the Private-Key never leaves the user device. This allows the user to sign all their requests and the Service Provider to check them.

What is an authentication?

A successful identification of the end user by their email, SMS or other means. You do not pay for failed attempts.

What happens when I exceed my 1,000 free authentications?

If you exceed 1,000 authentications, any subsequent sign ins during that month will be blocked unless you provided your payment information.

What is the price for SMS authentication?

The SMS feature will vary depending on your SMS provider. We currently integrate with Twilio, but more providers will come. The price for an authentication is the same as with any other authentication.

Do I need an Enterprise plan to access premium features?

Yes, get in touch with us so & we will grant access to the features within 24h.

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Zalter is free to get started and scales with you as you grow.

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